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Seas0nPass is a new jailbreak tool from FireCore, SeasonPass is a jailbreak tool for the new Apple TV2, you can now jailbreak your iOS 5.1 powered Apple TV2 and TV Flash (black) with Seas0nPass. But the bad news is, Seasonpass jailbreak for Apple TV2 is now a Tethered jailbreak which means you need to connect your Apple TV to your computer on switching it on for the first time.


Similar Jailbreak to Seas0nPass was the Pwnage tool from iPhone Dev team which jailbreaks using a custom-made IPSW firmware file for your Apple TV but on the other hand SeasonPass jailbreak is a tool that uses a simple tethered boot to jailbreak your new Apple TV firmware.

Features of Apple TV2 with iOS 5 to Enjoy :

  1. New Interface – Superior Visual Access to all content of your choice with zero lag responsive
  2. Movie Purchases in iCloud – Lets you buy movies and play back from the iCloud
  3. Genius Recommendations- Recommends you best and interested content by analyzing your previous purchases and rentals.
  4. Photos ScreenSaver – Integrated National Geographic Photos as Screensavers.
  5. On-Device Sign Up – Easy Content Pastners sign up with your Apple ID.

Download Seas0nPass – SeasonPass

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