Best iPhone Games Apps in 2012

The App Store is undoubtedly filled with a lot of fun games to play, but out of all these there are a few ones which truly spark. Regardless whether you prefer racing, action or adventures, our top will show you the exact games which are worth checking out. Here is our top 10 selection of iPhone games in 2012:

1. N.O.V.A. 3

When it comes to action games you’ll hardly find anything more complex than N.O.V.A. 3. Besides a wide selection of weapons, an immersive gameplay and a very well-thought story-line, this 3D FPS shooter will mostly impress you through its multi-player capabilities. Thus, you can easily connect to a 3G/WiFi network for some quick death-match action.

2. Need for Speed: Most Wanted

There’s not much to dislike about this fast-paced racing game. It features an impressive set of cars, tracks and customization options, and it can even rival with the console edition of NFS. What’s more, it’s available to purchase for only $5.

3. Angry Birds Space

Who doesn’t love the classic Angry Birds? Yet, the Space version offers an even more addictive gameplay, more levels, and even an improved graphical engine.

4. FIFA 13

FIFA 2013 received a lot of buzz during its launch event, and one can easily see why. Even on the dumbed-down mobile version, this game features an incredibly smooth action and impressive real-world-like graphics. What’s more, the iPhone edition also comes with an online multiplayer system, a secondary stick for skillful dribbling, and facial animations for the players. The best mobile football game has just got better.

5. The Amazing Spider-Man

You should not miss checking out the enchanting recreation of the 2012 blockbuster. Fight foes, save villains and pretty ladies, and web-sling through a fully 3D-rendered New York City, all these are available in the iPhone version of The Amazing Spider-Man.

6. The Dark Night Rises

If you have seen the movie, you definitely have to play the game too. The latest Batman game for iPhone comes with stunning 3D graphics and a wide array of skills which help you fight even the toughest foes.

7. Burnout Crash!

Although some may regard it as a racing game, Burnout Crash! is in fact more about causing chaos and carnage than outrunning your opponents. Your main objective is to total your car and drive its wreckage through the busy traffic, eliminating as many cars as you can. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

8. Rayman Jungle Run

Rayman Jungle Run is the best example of how a console game can be ported to mobile. And although it’s basically all about running and jumping, the 100 levels will definitely keep you busy for a while.

9. Peggle

Before you rush to the App Store to purchase this puzzle-like game, be forewarned that it’s highly addictive. It’s slide-n-shoot action and fast-paced gameplay make it ideal for a mini game session on the go. What’s more, in addition to 100 fun-filled levels, there’s also an online play mode available, where you get to compete against other “experienced or not” players worldwide.

10. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

If you’re ready to experience the real GTA-style on your iPhone, this game is undoubtedly the best to start with. The Rockstar adventure will take your gameplay to a whole new level, as you browse through creative missions and original story-line right on your iPhone’s screen. Of course, it does require a small learning curve, but once you get accustomed with the controls everything becomes a blast!

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